Salt Lake County Animal Services

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Salt Lake County Animal Control Services

Midvale City contracts with Salt Lake County Animal Control Services to provide animal control services. The largest no-kill shelter in the State of Utah, they provide 24/7, 365 days-per-year, field operations and a full-service veterinary clinic to care for the animals. Their services include:

  • Offer pet adoptions
  • Provide pet licensing
  • Enforce animal-related city and county ordinances
  • Provide shelter for all types of lost and abandoned pets
  • Investigate complaints of animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect
  • Respond to emergencies involving injured or aggressive animals
  • Offer humane education programs for schools and community groups 
  • Provide humane euthanasia at the request of pet owners (fee for service)
  • Free microchips & vaccinations for Midvale residents via a voucher program  

For more information, please visit the SL County Animal Control Services website

Raccoon and Skunk Abatement

Midvale City has raccoon/skunk live traps available for residents to use. We require a $50 deposit which will be refunded when the trap is returned. 

Please be sure to follow these steps when trapping raccoons or skunks:

  1. Visit Midvale City Hall to complete a rental form and pay the $50 deposit. Proof of Midvale residency is required. 
  2. Visit the Midvale City Public Works Department, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., to pick up the trap. The Public Works Department address is address is 8196 S Main Street.
  3. Before placing the trap, call the Urban Hotline at (385)419-3405 for tips on how to capture the animal.
  4. When trapping a raccoon/skunk do not use pet food to capture it. This will help avoid non-target animals such as a neighbor’s cat. These nuisance animals have a serious sweet tooth. Use sweet bait such as Twinkies, or marshmallows, or white bread with vanilla extract on it.
  5. After capturing the animal, call the Urban Hotline and leave a message including your name, phone number, and address (including the approximate north/south and east/west coordinates i.e. 5th south and 10th west.) 
  6. There will be no weekend or holiday removal of raccoons/skunks. Traps can be set Sunday night for a Monday pickup, but not Friday for a Saturday pickup. Animals trapped and called in before 7:00 a.m. will be picked up the same day unless there is high number of calls, in which case they will be picked up the next day. 
  7. An agreement allowing access to the property for said activities will need to be signed by the landowner at or before the time of the first pick-up. The technician scheduling the pickups will coordinate this on an individual basis.
  8. Please don’t wrap the trap in plastic, tarps or blankets, this make access very difficult and can lead to stress and over-heating of the animal. Instead, place a bed sheet or light fabric over the trap.  This will help diminish stress and prevent the animal from getting hurt trying to escape.  Set traps in areas of mid-morning to afternoon shade, with at least two sides of open access. Do not set where other animals, children or pets can cause undue stress on the captured animals.