The Heart of the Matter

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Mayor's Robert Hale's Monthly Message


Mayor Hale

The Heart of the Matter

Every weekday a thousand students leave their homes in Midvale and migrate to a public or private school to learn to read, write, complete complex mathematic calculations, make and meet friends, develop physical abilities, learn the lessons of getting along with others who are different than themselves, and explore how institutions are governed in ways that benefit all of society.

 As society, we always worry about the caliber of instruction, instructors and administrators in those schools. These children are the future of our civilization, after all.

Well, I want to share with you the results of the Canyons School District APEX Awards that were presented recently to the teachers, administrators, support professionals, volunteers and community benefactors for 2019. There were eleven APEX Awards presented and Teachers of the Year were recognized in the 47 schools in Canyons District. The seven Midvale schools make up about 15% of the total number of schools. A teacher from each school was selected as Teacher of the Year as follows:

Wendy Linares, Copperview Elementary School

Raschell Davis, East Midvale Elementary School

Jessica Beus, Midvale Elementary School

            Shelley Allen, Midvale Middle School

            Taylor Brooks, Union Middle School

            Josh Long, Hillcrest high School

            Zeke Michel, Jordan Valley School

I know there are also Midvale students that attend private schools as well as public schools outside of our City. I wanted you to know of the special recognition each of these received from their peers and the administration.

 There were eleven APEX Awards given out for outstanding performance and service to teachers, employees, volunteers and benefactors of the District. Six of these awards went to

Midvale individuals in each of these four areas:

 Canyons District Teacher of the Year:

Jessica Beus, Midvale Elementary School

 Canyons School Administrator of the Year:

Chip Watts, Principal, Midvale Elementary School

 Student Support Services Professionals of the Year:

Evelyn Leal, Alternative Language Services Assistant, Midvale Middle School

Heidi Sanger, Community School Facilitator, Midvale Elementary School

 Canyons Volunteer of the Year:

            Baraa Arkawazi, East Midvale Elementary School

 Canyons Business Partner of the Year:

            Dell Loy Hansen (a well-known developer in Midvale) and the Real Salt Lake organization

 As you can see, more than half of the APEX Awards went to faculty, administrators, support services, volunteers and benefactors that support Midvale schools!  Yes, we have a wonderful portion of the best teachers in all of Canyons School District right here in Midvale.

We acknowledge this level of performance from so many of our school district employees.  Without a doubt, there are many more who will be recognized in the future. We can see the emphasis on high standards that the School Board and administration has put into the education of Midvale students. 

 Thank you, each and every one of the faculty and support personnel who also arise every weekday morning, leave their homes and migrate to Midvale’s schools to teach reading, writing, completing complex mathematic calculations, how to make and meet friends, developing physical abilities, how to get along with others who are different, and exploring how institutions are governed in ways that benefit all of society. Thank you each and every one!