The Heart of the Matter

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Mayor's Robert Hale's Monthly Message


Mayor Hale

The Heart of the Matter

What a great citizenry we have in our City of Midvale!  I have been amazed with the outpouring of willingness to help others. I hear amazing stories about our residents who help The Road Home Family Resource Center for the homeless and the LifeStart Village for single parents. I also hear stories about residents who help their neighbors with landscaping, leaf raking and lawn mowing, or shopping for the aged and less capable. These actions are the glue that holds Midvale together as a caring city.  Thanks to all of you! 

I had the pleasure to reread the book Midvale History – 1851-1979, which is available at the Midvale History Museum. The stories that I mentioned above have been characteristics of our residents for decades and centuries!  From the earliest pioneer days in the late 1840s on the clay banks of the Jordan River as well as the fertile loam along the Little Cottonwood Creek, people desired to create healthy communities. These efforts were most successful when people united together, no matter their religious, economic, or physical abilities, to create a sense of communality and mutual advancement.

October brings nearly endless opportunities for service. This is when the leaves are falling. If each of us can watch out for our neighbors or can serve in church groups to aid the less abled, it would be wonderful!

Halloween also brings a fun time for children to put on a costume a and become a different personality.  I want you to know about a fun activity at the Ruth Tyler Library on Wood Street. Many of the government agencies that have large trucks and vehicles are going to park a sample of these in the library parking lot. At 5:00 p.m. “truck or treat” will begin!  The kids will be able to collect candy and check out all sorts of trucks from Public Works, Police and Fire Departments, and more.

Elections are upon us – it’s an opportunity to make very important decisions as to who represents us in the halls of the legislature. Each person running for office is putting their life on hold while they run.  And if successful, their life stays on hold for two to four more years. I am very impressed with those that serve Midvale. They are just ordinary people like you and me, who desire to make a difference. If you have registered to vote, good on you!  If you need to transfer your voting privilege to Midvale, do it quickly.  If you have never voted – young or old – I implore you to get registered and exercise your franchise in this democracy. Who serves you really makes a difference in your life.

We’ve had many of our sons, and some of our daughters, leave for prolonged periods in service of the United States of America.  Some were relieved of their mission before they returned home – killed in the line of duty or injured to an extent that they needed to restart their life with a different goal upon return. In November, we traditionally express our united gratitude for the offering they made in our stead. 

Both of my sons have spent years in military service.  I am very proud of them and thankful for them.  My oldest is a career US Army retiree, still serving in the Army National Guard.  He is also a civilian employee of the Army. My youngest son served four years in the Marine Corps. Their service has been a real growing experience for them and their families.