Heart of the Matter

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Heart of the Matter

By Mayor Robert Hale

When June arrives in our City, it truly locks out “Old Man Winter” and welcomes in the summer months of vacations, warm weather, pleasant family gatherings, and the first harvests in the garden. Apricot trees and some early cherry trees are ready to provide tasty treats right from the branches. Oh, how sweet!

There are hundreds of school children that are counting the days, then hours, then minutes to when the last school bell will be heard for the year. Don’t we always remember that special feeling of Summer Daze appearing right in our face!  How welcome they are!

Hillcrest High School will have its graduation exercises at the Maverik Center on the 5th of June.  Hundreds of Husky seniors will have completed all the required classwork and training to obtain the diploma, which up to now, has been among their highest goals. The sun will rise the next day and life will move into other realms, but for this day (and thankfully, many days in their futures) these students will be very glad to have paid the high price of graduation. Congratulations to all of you, and your parents, guardians, teachers, and staff!  All were facilitators to your completion and graduation.

Midvale has residents and businesses that have expressed a desire to be of service – especially to the youth who live among us. To provide unique opportunities for service, the Kiwanis Club of the Canyons was formed this year.  They meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at noon in the Dahl Conference Room of Midvale City Hall, 7505 Holden Street.  I know there are residents that desire to assist the youth of Midvale in an organized and meaningful way. Come join us on June 12 and 26!

How can I emphasize this any greater? The United States Census for 2020 is coming next year! The Congress of the United States uses the data gathered next year to fund programs for the budget years of 2021 through 2030, TEN YEARS, based on data gathered during early 2020. It is so important for you and me to take the time and complete the census either on line, by mail or when presented with the census form by an enumerator. Be willing to assist others in this task as well. For most, it won’t take even five minutes. But it is so important! The census is a constitutional duty of our government and of us, the governed, to complete the decennial census.

Have a great and productive summer!