Heart of the Matter

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Heart of the Matter
By Mayor Robert Hale

Mayor Robert Hale

The holidays are here!  It has been fun to see the neighborhoods and children visiting their friends and neighbors, promising to be good in exchange for a morsel of candy. It has also been amazing to see the decorations at so many homes. Very plain and “normal” adults also have fun with out-of-body exhibits as ghouls, movie stars, athletes and the like. What fun!

In November, our City will honor our Veterans. What a national blessing each of these men and women are to their Country and its citizens. Thank you to each one. WWII vets are all but disappearing now. They have returned to their God. I hope you have thanked any that you have in your acquaintance.

This nation also turns inward to family and outward to share the blessings we have with others.  Our society is greatly blessed with surpluses of food, energy, kindness, contributions of all kinds. At this time of year, it becomes very evident just how fortunate we all are by the abundance we share with others.  After all, it is not how much we accumulate, but in how much we share, that is the real metric of Thanksgiving. 

Our City continues to morph. I am amazed at the number of “For Sale” signs I see in the neighborhoods. It is not a large number but indicates that people are transitioning through our city after years of being a citizen here. Some have lived decades as our neighbors. Some have passed on, some have found bigger homes for their growing family, others have found smaller homes now that he family is raised. Others have no desire to mow lawns again. Others are looking for their first ever garden patch in their backyard. This is a beautiful quality Midvale has – a place for everyone to live happily in whatever phase of life they are in.

We have begun the final preparations as a  city to make sure we have a complete count of all men, women and children who reside in our city. Many more notifications will come to you in preparation for the Decennial Census of 2020. Help us in your neighborhood, in your family, among your friends and work associates, to encourage that all who live among us are counted in the 2020 Census.

Your city administrators devote many hours, days, weeks, months and years to attend to the multiplicity of needs of our residents, the utilities, streets, lights, sewer and waste removal, permits for building, inspections, police and fire work – many times in the night – to make sure you are safe, and your neighborhood streets are clean.

Which reminds me: November 1 through March 1 there is no street parking between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Snow removal by our Streets Department is critical to the safety of all of us and those who pass through our City. If impeded, our Public Works drivers will contact Unified Police Department of vehicles on the streets during snow removal periods. Best practice is to park off the street over the winter months.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and loved ones. And thanks to our veterans.