Housing Plan

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The Midvale City Housing Plan was formulated using the housing goals outlined in the 2016 General Plan, and incorporates current data, best practices, and public input to establish objectives and strategies for making progress over the next five-years on the City’s housing goals. The Plan identifies current and anticipated issues within Midvale's housing market and establishes the citywide policies that will address those issues. It provides a guide for building better neighborhoods, stabilizing existing neighborhoods, and accommodating Midvale's future growth. 

The Goals of the 2016 General Plan are as follows:

  1. Maintain and strengthen stable neighborhoods. This goal includes preserving the quality and character of existing neighborhoods; providing neighborhoods with better connectivity and access to recreational amenities; and ensuring that infill  and adjacent development is compatible with the existing neighborhoods.
  2. Maintain and improve the quality of the existing housing stock in Midvale, and revitalize the physical and social fabric of neighborhoods that are in decline.
  3. Expand the variety of housing opportunities to allow for more choices in types and locations of residences. This includes providing for a mixture of housing sizes, densities, types and affordability in each area of the City.
  4. Support the development of more affordable housing in appropriate locations, i.e., near transit, retail commercial, schools and recreational amenities.
  5. Encourage higher density residential in appropriate locations in Opportunity Areas to create the market needed for viable commercial development.
  6. Continue to encourage a variety of housing types, sizes and pricing with new developments.

(Source: Midvale City General Plan 2016)


Housing Resource Guide

The Housing Resource Guide is intended to be a guide for those looking for help in repairing their home, or those interested in purchasing their own home, as well as those who are experiencing housing related financial issues.

May 2018 Housing Review

The Gardner Business Review analyzes the impact of rapidly rising housing prices, and the impacts that this will have on housing affordability. It also looks at the economics of the housing market, and the current challenges that it faces.

The State of the Nations Housing

The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University analyzes the housing markets, demographic drivers, home ownership and rental housing, and the housing challenges that exist in the current market.