2019 Bingham Junction Public Art Project

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Public Art Program

The Redevelopment Agency of Midvale City has created the Bingham Junction Public Art Program to provide opportunities to integrate public art into private developments or public space within the project area.

Description of Desired Work

The Agency seeks proposals for art that transforms the selection of 16 utility boxes in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, imaginative, and establishes a sense of place. The design of the boxes must be complementary to each other and form a cohesive artwork that demonstrates the theme of the project.


The theme of the project is “Magic in the Mundane.” The theme is inspired by the people who use Bingham Junction Boulevard to get to and from work every day. The goal with this theme is to add interest to the Bingham Junction Area and to add magic to the weekday commute of its residents and workers.

Project Map


Budget: $25,000 (for design, printing, and installation)

Submission Deadline: 5/1/2019

Installation of Art: Summer 2019

Location: 16 Utility Boxes located on the west side of Bingham Junction Blvd

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Please send all questions to Jessica Stephens at jhoyne@midvale.com. The answers to submitted questions will be published below and treated as addenda to the request for proposals.

Addendum 1

Additional information on materials, design, and insurance.

Addendum 2

Additional information on utility box locations, restrictions, and height limits.

Addendum 3

Additional information on sales tax.

Box Dimensions

Size dimensions for all boxes.