Social Distancing 6 Feet

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It's fascinating and entertaining to see how each region helps their residents perceive what "6 feet looks like". Who did it best? Take a look at all of these posts from around the country and select your favorite and answer the poll on our Facebook page.

#1 - Salt Lake County Health Department (Utah)

6 feet social distancing

#2 - Minneapolis (Minnesota)


#3 - Pinehurst, Home of American Golf (North Carolina)

Pinehurst, home of american colf

#4 - Wentzville (Missouri)

Wentzville Missouri

#5 - Yukon Wildlife Viewing (Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada)

Yukon Wildlife Viewing

#6 - Baltimore City Health Department (Maryland)

 Baltimore City Health Department Maryland

#7 - Pullman (Washington)

pullman washington


#8 Alamogordo (New Mexico)

alamogordo new mexico

#9 - Elgin (Texas)

elgin texas

 #10 - Kentucky


#11 - Minnesota


#12 - New Orleans (Louisiana)

New Orleans LA

#13 - St. Mary Parish (Louisiana)

st mary parish LA

#14 - St. Louis, Missouri

st louis missouri

#15 - North Dakota

north dakota