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Public Hearing &
Open House

The public is invited to attend a public hearing before the Midvale City Planning Commission on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Midvale City Council Chambers located at 7505 South Holden Street, Midvale, Utah. An open house will be held prior to the Public Hearing from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. City employees will be available to answers questions.

     Public Hearing Notice (English)
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Form-Based Code

Form-Base Code (FBC) is an innovative method of managing growth and shaping development to achieve a specific urban form and mix of uses as preferred by a given community. Midvale City’s proposed form-based code is intended to implement the vision of the Main Street Small Area Plan (adopted by the City Council in December 2018) by creating a zoning ordinance that reflects the goals and objectives of the Plan. FBCs are different from more traditional zoning codes because they address a greater variety of issues. FBCs generally address: streets, blocks, lots, building type/features and location, the area between the building and the street, signs, landscaping/open space, and land uses. When the appropriate land uses are determined as part of the planning process, an FBC promotes those land uses as permitted uses. This is a distinct advantage to the developer and the community. For the developer, less processing time results in greater feasibility of the development actually occurring. For the community, up front decisions about building form, land use, and site design provides a proactive approach for the developers to follow. FBCs are proactive, traditional zoning is reactive.

Ultimately, a form-based code is only a tool; the quality of development outcomes depends on the quality and objectives of the community plan that a code implements. We've prepared a short list of frequently asked questions if you'd like to know more.


Contact Alex Murphy in the Midvale City Planning and Zoning Department at (801)567-7231 or for more information.

Proposed Main Street Neighborhood Form-Based Code (11/07/19 Draft)

Frequently Asked Questions