Sign Regulations

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Midvale City has adopted sign regulations, for both permanent and temporary types of signage, within each zone district.  The purpose of these regulations is:

  • To encourage signs that help to visually organize the activities of the City, lend order and meaning to business identification, and make it easier for the public and delivery services to identify and locate their destinations;
  • To encourage a positive business atmosphere;
  • To implement the urban design goals and policies of the city established in chapter 2 of the Midvale City General Plan;
  • To improve the visual quality of thoroughfares and eliminate visual clutter by limiting the types and display periods of temporary signs;
  • To minimize unnecessary distractions to motorists, protect pedestrians, and provide safe working conditions for those persons who are required to install, maintain, repair, or remove signs;
  • To eliminate the visual degradation imposed by billboards due to excessive height and copy areas through the city-wide prohibition of such signs; and
  • To assure that all signs, in terms of size, scale, height, and location, are compatible with adjacent land uses and with the size of development that they serve.

Please use the Building Permit Application for all Permanent Sign Permits.

To find the applicable sign regulations for a specific property within Midvale City, you must first determine the zone district in which the property is located.  Each zone district has its own set of sign regulations.