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Chris Butte
Economic Development Director


Midvale City is located in the middle of the Salt Lake Urbanized Metropolitan Area comprising the Wasatch Front just twelve miles south of downtown Salt Lake City and some fifteen miles from four mountain resorts defined as Ski City.  It’s why we have our own mountain corridor and some 1,033 rooms serving the established neighborhood of Ski City and the mountain resorts of Brighton, Solitude, Alta and Snowbird

Midvale City is over 100 years old, but has experienced hundreds of millions of dollars in new investment these past few years.  Within the six square miles comprising Midvale, there is a lot of activity.  It's home to a growing population of 33,000 residents, some 1,300 businesses, and a “day-time” population estimated around 25,000 workers.  There are numerous retailers who take advantage of the strategic location that defines Midvale with its unparalleled access to the regional transportation system and its established trade areas.  It’s home to many top performing locations, first in state retailers, mom and pop shops, and one of kind locations.  

Midvale provides excellent mobility connections for the residents, tourist, and businesses.  The geographic location in the middle of everything sets the landscape for the movement of people, goods, data, and services for success. 

Access is another advantage. UTOPIA, an open fiber optic network, provides fast bandwidth access to the information economy and a technology platform for the future.  It also helps explain why Midvale is home to many industry leading companies.  We have fast growing companies, numerous corporate headquarters, and many industry leaders. 

There is a sense of community in Midvale and it seems to connect the overwhelming success that grows within its borders.  From the top high school in Canyons School District at Hillcrest High School, to the nationally recognized development project at Bingham Junction, our various businesses lead the way and our various residential communities form a union of communities that create a unique experience in Midvale.  

 We pack a lot in the middle of everything.



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