Code Compliance

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Code Compliance

The goal of Code Compliance is to partner with the community in resolving problems that will preserve and enhance the equality of life for its citizens. Code Compliance is responsible for enforcing ordinances enacted by the City. When necessary we coordinate our enforcement with other entities such as the Salt Lake Valley Health Department, UDOT, and the Utah Housing Authority.

Ordinance violations are identified by the personal observation of the compliance officer or through resident's complaints. Upon verification of the complaint, a notice of violation is mailed to the registered property owner. This notice serves to explain the violation, the corrective action that must be taken, and assigns a date by which the violation must be corrected.

If the violation is not corrected by this date, a Noncompliance notice is sent to the property owner. Failure of the property owner to voluntarily correct the violation may result in the City hiring a contractor to abate the violation (at the property owner’s expense) or scheduling a hearing before an Administrative Hearing Officer.

For questions involving Code Compliance please call Detective G. Wayne at 801-567-7208.

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Detective Gerry Wayne