Community Development

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Community DevelopmentMission Statement

"To provide community enhancing building, planning, licensing, code enforcement, economic development and coordination services to residents and businesses in order to maintain and improve the standard of living in Midvale."

Our department is here to help you with any of the following and more:

  • Adding on to your home or building a detached garage or shed;
  • Starting a home occupation business;
  • Locating your commercial business in Midvale;
  • Help with nuisance properties;
  • City demographics; and
  • Community outreach programs.


 Contact Information

Administration - Community Development

Nate Rockwood 
Community Development Director

(801) 567-7218

Nicole Hudson-Collins

Community Development Executive Assistant

(801) 567-7211

Business Licensing and Building

Audrey Cullimore

Community Development Support Technician

(801) 567-7213 

Melissa Valencia

Community Development Support Technician

 (801) 567-7214


Lesley Burns
City Planner

(801) 567-7229

Alex Murphy
Associate Planner

(801) 567-7231

Jana Ward

Planner I


Economic Development

Christopher Butte
Economic Development Director

(801) 567-7246

Redevelopment Agency

 Cody Hill

Redevelopment Agency Manager

(801) 567-7219 

Patrick O'Brien

Housing Project Manager

(801) 567-7261  

Jessica Stephens

Project Manager

(801) 567-7260

Alison Cañar

Redevelopment Agency Executive Assistant

(801) 567-7232


Keith Ludwig
City Engineer

(801) 256-2574

Steve Busch
Project Manager

(801) 256-2572

Dave Clark
Stormwater Coordinator

(801) 256-2573

Brett Bohman
Stormwater Inspector

(801) 567-7234

Devin Warr
Engineering Inspector


(801) 256-2576

Matt Hilderman

GIS Administrator


(801) 256-2577

Prabin Pradhan

GIS Specialist


(801) 256-2585

Billie Smathers

Project Site Coordinator


(801) 567-7217