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Ways to support local businesses during the Coronavirus crisis

Keep Calm and Carry Out

Post Date:03/16/2020 9:39 PM

On March 16, 2020, the Salt Lake County Health Department declared a public health emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The County is prohibiting dine-in food service at restaurants and bars, effective at 11:00 p.m. Monday, March 16. Take-out, delivery and grocery shopping is still permitted but with tighter rules.

       Specifics for the food and beverage industry:

  • Food Service: Dine-in operations are prohibited; takeout, curbside, pickup, drive-thru, delivery (including by third-party services), and mobile food (truck/carts) are allowed with some modifications.
  • Food Delivery: Drop service only.
  • Grocery Stores and Cafeterias: Eliminate seating areas as well as any other opportunity to congregate.

The coronavirus crisis is really hitting our local businesses hard. So, what can you do to help? There are some small ways that individuals, if they have the means, can help their favorite small businesses stay afloat through the crisis. While social distancing keeps shoppers out of the store, most small and local businesses offer online and pickup options. All retail and service-oriented businesses are required to implement social distancing measures and exclude symptomatic workers from working. Just remember, staying home if you're sick or have been exposed to COVID-19 is essential. 

Carry out

Order ahead or get take-out from your favorite local restaurant while you practice social distancing. Many are offering curbside delivery.

Order In

Many independently owned restaurants and food businesses that haven't previously done so are now getting on to delivery platforms like Uber Eats or Postmates. How you pay may be a concern. If you're sick or in a self-quarantine or if you're elderly and at risk, you might use your credit card to pay over the phone, including the tip for the delivery person, and ask them to leave the bag of food outside your door.

Tip a little more than usual

When you order takeout or deliver, consider being a little extra generous on the tips for wait staff and delivery people, since their income will drop due to fewer patrons. A bigger tip may not directly contribute to a restaurant's bottom line, but it does help others and it contributes to the spirit of goodwill and appreciation in the community, which can help with everyone's mood.

Give the gift of business

If you usually frequent a business, buy a gift care that covers your usual patronage. Then spread out the use of those gift cards over time while you continue to support them as normal or give them away as gifts to people who might not normally go there.

Keep your subscription

If you have a subscription or membership to a gym, exercise class, painting class, music lessons, dance academy, etc., keep it going. Many small businesses rely on that support to keep their doors open and pay their bills.

Ask how you can help

If you know the owners or employees personally, drop them a line and ask how you can help. They might have ideas for you to help that are specific to their business.

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