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Winter Parking Ordinance Updated

Parking a vehicle on a public street at any time after a snowfall of one (1) inch, or more, is prohibited in order to improve and expedite the process of removing snow from Midvale's streets

Post Date:01/07/2020 9:45 PM

Midvale City would like to remind residents about parking regulations to ensure plowing operations run safely, smoothly and efficiently throughout the community. In December, the City Council voted to revise the Winter Parking Ordinance to tie parking regulations to snow events, rather than time of day, as the purpose of the policy is to facilitate safe and effective snow removal.

The revised policy now states “It is an infraction for any vehicle to be parked on city streets where one inch of snow has accumulated. The parking prohibition shall remain in effect for 24 hours after snow has ceased to fall, or until such time as the snow has been removed from the street.” 

Residents should be mindful of the weather and make arrangements to park off the streets when snow is forecasted.