Public Notices

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Public Notice NumberTitleStartingClosingStatus
MBA-PN-2019-05-07c Notice of Public Hearing04/03/2019 10:02 AMOpen
CC - PN - 2019-06-04aCity Council - Public Hearing on June 4, 2019 regarding a proposed text amendment to modify outdoor lighting standards citywide, amending Title 16, Subdivisions, and Title 17, Zoning, in the Midvale City Municipal CodeNEW!05/21/201906/04/2019Open
CC - PN - 2019-05-07aCity Council - Public Hearing Public Hearing on May 7, 2019 regarding a proposed text amendment to modify the maximum building height standards in Chapter 17-7-3 (Multifamily Residential – Medium Density Zone [RM-12]) and Chapter 17-7-4 (Multifamily Residential – Medium to High Density Zone [RM-25])04/23/201905/07/2019Closed
CC-PN-2019-06-04City Council Public Hearing on June 4, 2019 to consider proposed amendments to FY2019 budgets for the General Fund and other funds as necessary05/09/2019 9:03 AMOpen
CC-PN-2019-06-04aCity Council Public Hearing on June 4, 2019 to explain the intended transfers of enterprise fund money to other funds for the upcoming fiscal year, provide enterprise fund accounting data, and allow members of the public to comment regarding this matter.05/09/2019 9:07 AMOpen
CC-PN-2019-06-04bCity Council Public Hearing to consider adoption of Midvale City FY2020 Budget05/09/2019 9:11 AMOpen
PN-2019-04-06Invitation to Bid - 2019 Roadway Improvement Projects04/06/2019 8:00 AM04/29/2019 5:00 PMClosed
MBA-PN-2019-06-04dMBA Public Hearing to consider adoption of the Municipal Building Authority of Midvale City FY2020 Budget05/09/2019 9:17 AMOpen
CC-PN-2019-05-08Notice is hereby given that during City Council Meeting on May 7, 2019 Midvale City Council adopted Ordinance No. 2019-O-05 amending sections 17-7-3.4 and 17-7-4.4 of the Midvale City Municipal Code; also providing a Saving Clause and Effective Date for the Ordinance05/09/2019 9:26 AMOpen
CC-PN 2018-12-04bNotice of 2019 Meeting Schedule12/13/2018 2:58 PMOpen
CC-PN 2018-12-11aNotice of Adopted Ordinance 2018-O-1712/13/2018 2:59 PMOpen
CC-PN 2019-22-01Notice of Adopted Ordinance 2019-O-0102/25/2019 1:59 PMOpen
CC-PN 2018-09-18Notice of Adopted Ordinance No. 2018-O-1512/06/2018 3:56 PMOpen
CC-PN-2018 08-29Notice of Adoption of Ordinance 2018-O-10 and Ordinance 2018-O-1108/30/2018 9:08 AMOpen
CC-PN-07-17-2018Notice of Adoption of Ordinance No. 2018-O-06, 2018-O-08, and 2018-O-0907/19/2018Open
RDA-PN 2018 10-16bNotice of Bonds to be Issued10/16/2018Open
CC-PN-2018-6-5dNotice of Intent to Transfer Property06/18/2018 3:24 PMOpen
CC-PN 2018-22-1Notice of Ordinance 2019-O-0102/25/2019 1:55 PMOpen
CC-PN 2018-12-11Notice of Public Hearing11/28/2018 10:11 AMOpen
CC-PN-2019-05-07aNotice of Public Hearing 04/03/2019 10:00 AMOpen