The Heart of the Matter

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Mayor's Robert Hale's Monthly Message


Mayor Hale

The Heart of the Matter

Neighborhood Block Parties

 Why sit in front of a tele screen when there are so many cultural, family, and neighborly things to do?  This is one of the best seasons to get to know your neighbors. Start organizing today to set up a central location close to your home where you and your neighbors can have a potluck dinner in early August.  Neighborhood block parties are widely celebrated throughout Midvale.  These community-building evenings really bring people together. 

Neighborhood Block parties are made up of a wide range of creativity ranging from simple neighborhood meetings to large neighborhood dinners with live entertainment. Some groups choose to close a neighborhood street while others hold events in a neighbor’s yard. It does not require a large amount of money to make an event a success; many groups have pot-luck events where everyone in the neighborhood brings a favorite dish to share. You can request the Unified Police Department, Unified Fire Authority, City Council and myself to attend the block parties to learn more about the services we offer - you are paying for them to be at the ready in case you need their help! – and to entertain the children with the red/blue lights and the sirens.

 Midvale City Budget

Our City Fathers have passed the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget totaling just over $43 million.  On June 19, the City Council voted unanimously to approve the three elements of the budget: General Fund, Redevelopment Agency and the Municipal Building Authority.

Department heads and city senior management are always evaluating how they spend the valuable tax dollars of our citizens. They are constantly improving efficiencies, training city employees on how to serve the citizens and businesses better, and assisting families and developers to plan and create the best and safest structures possible within the constraints of the building codes adopted by the City Council.

 Harvest Days

Harvest Days is just around the corner! We are looking for volunteers that would like to help during the festival on Saturday, August 11. Visit to learn about the exciting festivities that will be offered. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Laura Magness at 801-567-7230 or