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A letter from Mayor Seghini

During August, the City has several activities including Harvest Days which just concluded.  A special thanks to those who served on the committee, to our Public Works Department, Unified Police Department, Unified Fire Authority, Midvale Arts Council, and Lyndzi Elsmore who also makes sure that the parade is top notch. 

During Harvest Days, we also have an art show and select outstanding leaders who have made contributions to our community.  This year’s selection was Iris Buhler and Trent Jeppson.  Mrs. Buhler worked many years as the Midvale City Treasurer.  She is deceased but was represented by her family.  Trent Jeppson was Midvale City Mayor from 1982-1986.  He also developed the Applewood community for manufactured homes.  The lovely residential community has always been a gift to our community.  Residents there are trying to purchase the Applewood community. 

Another activity has been the selection of Youth Ambassadors to represent Midvale City.  This program started several years ago, and replaced the Miss Midvale contest.  Youth Ambassadors must attend Midvale Schools and must have a project that they design and will continue for the coming year.  It is open to young women and young men and has proven to be a great gift to the people of Midvale.  Upon completion of their work they receive a $1000,00 scholarship for a school of their choice.  Our outgoing Ambassadors were Emalee Desarae Egelunde who advocated and empowered success for Youth of Color.  Ashley Jimenez celebrated the cultural diversity of our community through cultural events. Elisha Gillis worked with schools and community groups to understand the importance of Healthy Lifestyles.  Morgan Sharp worked to encourage the community and families to be a positive influence in the lives of children.

 This year’s ambassadors  are  Lauren Cecchini whose platform is mental illness awareness and understanding.  Alan Andrade’s platform is the history and development and the transition of Midvale
City looking at the past and present events in our community. He will be working closely with the Midvale Historical Society and the Midvale Museum.  AnnaMarie Dallimore is looking at ways in which the community could grow through charity and community participation.  She has worked with the Red Cross and is interested in the Kids Eat Program and the Free Hope Medical Clinic that she will work to develop backpacks for children to assure that they have food during vacations and on weekends.  These food items insure that children in need have adequate nutrition. Through the Hope Clinic she will also make hygiene kits for adults and children.  Justin Canal’s platform is to create a unified and inclusive program to help student athletes to understand the ways in which they might work toward athletic scholarships and the importance of scholarships at the high school and college level. I will be working with all of the ambassadors to help them organize and present their programs and looking at ways in which they might select their audiences.

These young people represent the youth of our community and of our young people.  They are willing to make a difference as volunteers.  There are fewer individuals and groups that are able to help with community activities.  The Lions Club of Midvale used to provide two breakfasts a year.  There is no longer a Lions Club.  The Midvale Kiwanis Club was very active and supported many activities.  The Midvale Rotary supported a 5K run during Harvest Days but now has just a few members.   If you can, when you can, be a volunteer.

Another event that is coming up is Veteran’s Day.  There will be a ceremony at the Midvale Cemetery on Veteran’s Day, Saturday, November 11th at 11:00 a.m. honoring all veterans and their families. At 11:30 a.m. there will be a pancake breakfast at the Midvale Senior Center.  All citizens of Midvale are invited to the breakfast.  We hope to see you there, and don’t forget to add this event on your calendar.