The Heart of the Matter

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Mayor's Robert Hale's Monthly Message


Mayor Hale

The Heart of the Matter

August was one of the best months ever!  I think half of Midvale was either at the Bingo night, participated in the 5K run, watched the parade, or attended the Harvest Days Festival in the park on August 11. We have received numerous compliments about the Harvest Day festivities. Everyone truly enjoyed the parade, free kids’ activities, petting zoo, face painting, dunking booth, bounce houses, and Nerf wars! Everyone loved the vendor market where there were many options to choose from, and the food trucks were outstanding! In fact, all of the food trucks sold out!  The Unified Fire Authority and Unified Police Department had a strong presence, and they taught important lifesaving lessons like Hands-Only CPR and Stop the Bleed. The free concerts by Junction 89 and The Bellamy Brothers were VERY popular. We truly appreciate the support from our vendors, UPD, and UFA! 

 The Harvest Days committee did an outstanding job in bringing together wonderful activities and performers.  I want to give a special handclap for Laura Magness, Midvale City’s communications specialist, who chaired the committee.  Thanks, Laura! I would also like to thank the entire Harvest Days committee!

 Neighbors, now that Harvest Days are over, we all still live near each other and need to remain as helpful, friendly, and sharing as we did during these annual celebrations. Let’s make up reasons to get together. This will become even more important as fall and winter weather commences, and we tend to stay more indoors. We still need to know who our new neighbors are. We still need to keep close contact with the neighbors who are aging and unable to care for their homes, yard, and health as well as they have in the past. Barbeques will taste just as good in September, October, November and December as they do in August. Neighborliness is even more valuable as time advances. Let’s all invest in it regularly.

 I have been reading the history of the early residents of Union and Midvale. The stories that are passed down to us include nearly every time, the ability of one person, or a family, or a business, or a congregation to help the less blessed, the less fortunate, the immigrant among us, or the soul without family nearby. We really are not so far removed from being there ourselves. If we missed two paychecks in a row, had a serious accident or illness overtake us, or if our home had a serious problem, we may find we ourselves on the other side of being self-reliant. 

 There are many ways we can give a little or a lot to organizations that are dedicated to assisting those souls with downcast arms, dragging feet, heartache without hope.  Nothing will strengthen our City and its citizens more than sharing our strengths, our resources, and our time to help others less fortunate.