Heart of the Matter

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As I See It

Heart of the Matter

By Mayor Robert Hale


How fast a year goes by!  One year ago, November 2017, we were anxiously awaiting the municipal election results for two City Council seats and for Mayor.  I look out the window as I write this and remember the many faces and places I visited requesting the votes of our participatory citizens.

This November 6, another cycle of voting will determine several other elections, questions, and initiatives. Ultimately, we determine our own government decisions by how we vote each November.   This year is no different. Government by the people will always be the most forthright and most acceptable form, but it requires participation by the people at the voting box; and by volunteering to add your voice to others in standing committees, commissions and elected offices. There are five City Council Districts in our City. Each has several citizens serving in various positions. You, each of you, are needed now and in the future to keep the City moving in a very centrist direction!  Contact City Hall or one of our fine Council Members or me to offer your time and talents to make our City better.


When I go to bed each night, I don’t always remember that there are men and women who are not asleep. They are on alert or are out on the street to protect you and me and your home and your business in the event of destructive forces of fire, criminal activity, or unforeseen breakdown in the infrastructures that support our homes and businesses.

As Mayor, I have worked very, very closely with the organizations that support the Unified Police Department, the Unified Fire Authority, and our City Public Works. I assure you that there are no finer individuals in the State of Utah than these who serve while you sleep (or work the night shift at your employment).

 From time to time, you will hear through the media of an isolated incident involving someone or something in Midvale. Know this – these teams are 100% committed to protecting you with the best tools and techniques available. When you see a patrol car or a fire truck returning from a service call, wave at them. Let them know of your appreciation. And when you see a white truck with the Midvale City logo on its doors with employees inside that are working on a broken water main, putting up Christmas street decorations or checking under sewer manhole covers, give them a thumbs-up, a high-five, a friendly wave of gratitude. They love your respect!


We are the most blessed of cities!  When you look around and see neighbors raking leaves of the widow or disabled, perhaps putting a flower bed away for its impending dormancy during the winter months, or when snow is brushed off a neighbor’s car windshield, shoveled or plowed from sidewalks and drives, you know there are people who care for one another. Let’s make these the actions all will remember and be thankful for here in Midvale.