Trash, Bulky Items, Green Waste & Recycling

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Midvale City provides curbside collection of residential trash, recyclable materials, bulky waste items and green waste through Ace Recycling and Disposal. Not all properties (HOA’s, commercial buildings, apartments) receive these services through Midvale City. Although many materials are now recyclable, all occupied properties in Midvale City are required to subscribe to services to prevent issues associated with the accumulation of waste and the impacts it can have on the community.

If your garbage or recyclables were not picked up, please contact
Ace Recycling and Disposal at 801-363-9995.

If your container is missing, damaged or if you have questions, please contact
Midvale City Utility Department at 801-567-7200, option #1

To start or discontinue service, or to request additional cans, please contact
Midvale City Utility Department at 801-567-7200, option #1.

Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection

Ace Recycling & Disposal provides residents with 95-gallon receptacles for trash and recycling. Please have your trash or recycling receptacles out the night before or no later than 6:30 a.m. on your service day. Trash will be picked up on a weekly basis and recycling is picked up on a bi-weekly basis. Please see the Recycling & Bulky Item/Green Waste Schedule below for more details regarding recycling dates. Review the Midvale City Trash and Recycle Map to determine if you live in a yellow or blue pick up area. Items that are accepted for recycling can be found on the Acceptable Recycle Items listPlease recycle ONLY the items described on this list.

All materials placed curbside for collection must fit in the appropriate receptacle or it will not be collected. Please place the receptacles in the street with the wheels against the curb or within two feet of the blacktop. Point the handle towards the house with the opening of the container faced towards the street. All materials must fit in the receptacles with the lid down.

Trash (Brown Receptacle): All non-recyclable materials are to be placed in your brown trash receptacle. It's important to note that recyclable items are not sorted or removed from the landfill-bound waste stream. This means that everything that goes in your brown barrel will end up in the landfill, so be sure to consider what type of material you're throwing away before you dispose of it. 

 Recycling (Blue Receptacle): It is important to know what can and cannot be placed into the recycling barrels to ensure efficient processing of materials and to protect the machinery and workers from harm. View the Acceptable Recycled Items list for more information.

 Unacceptable items for your brown and blue receptacles: Please do not put dirt, rock, concrete or sod in the receptacles. Additional prohibited items include flammable materials such as oil, gas, and paint; hot ashes and coals; hazardous and toxic waste; septic tank waste; unbagged animal waste; explosive and radioactive materials; automotive products including motor oil, tires, and batteries; and metal and debris from construction, remodeling, or demolition projects.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Trash and Recycling Containers

 If your trash and/or recycling receptacles are stolen, call Midvale City at 801-567-7200 and select option #1 to report the incident. If your trash or recycling can is damaged Ace Recycling & Disposal will replace the container and the City will assess the replacement cost on your utility bill (if the damage was due to negligence.)

Missed Pick-ups

If you think your receptacles have been missed, please check your neighbors to make sure their receptacles have been dumped. Ace Recycling & Disposal only collects one side of the street at a time. If your side of the street has been picked up and your can is still full, please call Ace Recycling & Disposal at 801-363-9995.


Services will not be picked up on the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

If your trash service day falls on a holiday, receptacles will be picked up one day later for the remainder of the week.

Curbside Bulky Item and Green Waste Collection 

Residential trash service also includes monthly bulky item and green waste collection. Ace Recycling & Disposal will pick up bulky items and green waste that are too big to fit in trash cans on the third FULL week of every month on the customers normally scheduled trash day. See Recycling & Bulky Item/Green Waste Schedule below for more details.

Bulky Green Recycle Calendar 2018

The City encourages everyone to recycle bulky items that can be reused by donating them to a local charity. Several charities will pick up the donated items at your house.  If you have items that you need to dispose of, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Bulky waste items include furniture, mattresses, water heaters, lamps, car seats, bikes, large toys and household appliances (without Freon). There is a 75-pound limit.
  2. Green waste items include wood products such as 2 x 4's, particleboard, plywood, etc. (large metal and concrete will not be picked up and must be removed), leaves, twigs, pine needles, wood chips, and tree limbs. Green waste does NOT include grass clippings, weeds or non-woody plants.
  3. All materials including tree limbs and stumps should be cut into 4-foot lengths and be no more than 18” in diameter, they MUST be bundled and twined together, and must weigh less than 75 pounds.
  4. Loose material (leaves, twigs, pine needles, wood chips, etc.) should be placed inside trash bags or boxes. They may also be placed in trash cans.
  5. Place bulky and green waste items on your curb no sooner than 2 days prior to your normally scheduled trash day and no later than 6:30 a.m. on your scheduled trash day. Ace Recycling & Disposal will not return to pick up items if they are not properly prepared and placed on the curbside in time.
  6. Stack green waste together, bundled and twined in 4-foot sections. Place bulky waste in another pile at least 2 feet away from green waste.Do not park vehicles within 15ft. of the pile.
  7. Freon must be removed from items (refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners) by a professional and be tagged with a copy of the receipt.
  8. 55-gallon drums must be emptied and have the tops removed.
  9. Do not place items in front of your neighbor’s home.
  10. Scavenging is against the law.

Unacceptable items - We will NOT pick up the following items:

  • Loose piles of yard waste and trimmings
  • Paint
  • Dirt
  • Rocks
  • Sod
  • Bricks
  • Broken concrete or concrete of any kind
  • Tires
  • Vehicle parts
  • Propane tanks
  • Major construction or demolition debris
  • Commercial, industrial, and business waste
  • Contractor-produced waste of any kind
  • Grass clippings (Grass clippings can be placed on top of other garbage in your trash can so they don’t get stuck in the bottom.)
  • Every day household garbage, such as food waste and packaging
  • Flammable materials such as oil and gas
  • Hazardous and toxic waste
  • Explosive and radioactive materials
  • Freon must be removed from items (refrigerators, freezers, etc.) by a professional and be tagged with a copy of the receipt. They will not be picked up without a receipt.

Leaf Bag Program

As fall weather is upon us, and trees start losing their leaves, we ask for your assistance in helping us keep leaves out of our storm drains by utilizing the leaf bags provided by Midvale City to collect your leaves.


  1. During the first and second weeks of November, Midvale City will deliver leaf bags to each household.
  2. Collect leaves from yards, gutters, and storm drain grates, and dispose of them in the provided leaf bags. Please do not put garbage in with the leaves, only bags with leaves will be picked up, no other waste is accepted.
  3. Leaf bags will be picked up by Ace Recycling on your regularly scheduled trash day the week of November 19-23. Please note, due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, If your regularly scheduled trash day is Thursday, Ace Recycling will pick up your items on Friday, November 23.
  4. Place bags of leaves at curb prior to 6:30 a.m. on your trash day, along with your bulk waste items.

Additional bags may be picked up at Midvale City Public Works at 8196 South Main Street or Midvale City Hall at 7505 South Holden Street
Limit of 5 additional bags while supplies last.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Midvale City will no longer offer the annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program during the first two weeks of January. Instead, Christmas trees may be recycled on the third FULL week of the month with your green waste items. Please be sure to remove all decorations, icicles, lights, hooks, tree stands, etc.  We will not pick-up any flocked/decorated trees or plastic wrapped trees.  Trees over 8 feet tall should be cut in half to facilitate handling by our crews.

Additional information to help with items that are not accepted for bulky pick up:


Trans‐Jordan Landfill ‐ 10600 S 7250 W, 801‐569‐8994 (Limit 2 per load)

Motor oil

O’Reilly Auto Parts ‐ 8164 S State St., 801‐569‐1886, or 681 E Ft. Union Blvd., 801‐563‐5142 (Limit 5 gallons)


Intermountain Battery - 2775 S 300 W, 801‐266‐7465 

Caesars Motorcycle Empire ‐ 7922 S State Street, 801‐255‐4466 

Construction debris

Trans‐Jordan Landfill - 10600 S 7250 W, 801‐569‐8994 

Hazardous waste

Trans‐Jordan Landfill ‐ 10600 S 7250 W, 801‐569‐8994 


Trans‐Jordan Landfill ‐ 10600 S 7250 W, 801‐569‐8994 


Midvale City Park‐7720 S. Chapel St. (325 West ‐ In the SE corner of the parking lot) 

Electronic Waste

Trans‐Jordan Landfill ‐ 10600 S 7250 W, 801‐569‐8994 

Any Best Buy or Staples store Locations

Prescription Drug Disposal

To ensure proper, safe disposal of prescription drugs, a drop off location has been established at the Unified Police Department Midvale Precinct (7912 South Main Street). Be sure to stop by during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Dumpster Rentals

Midvale City offers dumpster rental for residential waste disposal. This service is not available for commercial or contractor use. The dumpsters may be used for yard debris (tree limbs, shrubbery, grass clippings, etc.) as well as building materials, household items including appliances, and furniture. Heavy items such as dirt, and fill material are acceptable but they can only fill up to 1/3 of the container. Unacceptable items include:

  • Toxic, hazardous, or flammable materials,
  • Pesticides, herbicides,
  • Solvents, chemicals, paints,
  • Motor oil, gasoline, tires, batteries
  • Human waste, concrete, rocks or asphalt
  • Appliances containing Freon, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers, unless the Freon has been removed. This must be done by a licensed technician and the driver must be furnished with a copy of the receipt.

Dumpsters can be scheduled for residential home and yard cleanup. The dumpster will be placed in the driveway of the residence.

Dumpster rentals are for a 3-day period

Delivery          Pick up

Monday           Wednesday

Wednesday     Friday

Friday              Monday

Rental Fees

Green Waste Dumpster                 $125.00 + tax

  Bulk Waster Dumpster                 $180.00 + tax

  Tenants who RENT in Midvale:  +$130.00 (*refundable deposit)

*Renters: If you are not a property owner and rent a Midvale residential property, an additional $130.00 deposit will be due at the time of the dumpster rental. This deposit is refundable if rules are followed and there is no damage incurred.


You need to schedule the dumpster no later than 12:00 noon the day before delivery. Reservations must be made in person by visiting Midvale City Hall at 7505 South Holden Street. The fee must be paid at the Utility/Finance Window at the time of reservation. Midvale City accepts cash, check, money orders and credit or debit cards. The rules and regulations regarding a Dumpster Rental must be strictly followed to use this service. Please complete the Dumpster Rental and Responsibility Formand bring it, along with your payment, to sign up for dumpster rental.