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1.  The parties are not required to be represented by an attorney, although, it is up to the  parties to hire an attorney. 

2.  You could bring witnesses and other documentation to prove your claim. 

3.  A) If the defendant fails to appear in trial, the judge shall issue a default judgement against the  defendant.

     B) If the plaintiff fails to appear, the court shall issue a dismissal of the case (except for interpleader cases).

     C) If the plaintiff fails to appear, and there is a counter affidavit filed, the court shall grant a judgement in                               favor of the defendant in the amount not exceeding in the counter affidavit. 

     E) Either party may appeal a Small Claims judgement within 30 days after  date of dismissal or judgement. If there            is a default judgement, the non-appearing party can also file a motion to set aside the default judgement within          15 days from date of dismissal or default judgment.


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