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Utility Billing

Post Date:09/11/2018 6:12 PM

File Folder Marked UtilitiesMidvale City’s Utility department strives to provide Midvale residents with quality customer service. Midvale is a thriving, growing community as new housing opportunities become available. Also, with Utah’s booming real estate market, new residents are joining our community on nearly a daily basis.

With utility accounts changing so rapidly, we would like to provide some general information regarding setting-up and closing a utility account. We also would like to provide information on paying your Midvale City Utility Bill.

All residents who use Midvale utility services must sign a Municipal Utility Service Agreement. This form is an agreement between the city and property owner to provide specific utility services in return for payment of such services. This form also provides Midvale City with important information such as who owns the property and how to contact the owner in the event of an emergency or significant event. If you are unsure if you have a signed service agreement, please call our office and we will gladly provide that information to you. If you are purchasing a property in Midvale, we need a copy of the first page of the settlement statement from your closing documents, or a copy of the recorded deed as proof of purchase of the property. Paperwork should be submitted to the finance department at Midvale City Hall in person or online at

When a property is sold, owners should fill out and sign a Termination of Service form to formally close the account. With this information, we’re able to finalize the bill and forward refund to the owner’s new address. We ask for a copy of the first page of the settlement statement or a copy of the recorded deed to validate sale of the property. This may be done at City Hall, or online.

Paying your monthly utility bill on time is important to avoid unnecessary late fees and shut-off fees. Due dates are either the 10th or 26th of each month depending on where you live. There is a four-day grace period, after which a late fee is automatically assessed. If you are more than 30 days late in paying your bill, you’ll receive a termination of service notice. If the past due balance is not paid by the date listed on the notice, a $50 shut-off fee will be assessed, and water service will be terminated. If you fail to pay the delinquent balance and your water service is terminated, the full balance on the account must be paid to restore water service. If you are unable to pay the delinquent balance by the due date on the notice, you may call the Utility Billing Department to set up payment arrangements. Setting up payment arrangements allows you to avoid termination of service. If you make a payment arrangement, you must follow through with your agreement. Otherwise future payment arrangements may not be granted. Failure to receive your bill or Termination Notice does not waive past due penalties or prevent shut off.