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Midvale Youth Ambassadors

Post Date:09/11/2018 5:35 PM

Midvale Youth Ambassadors pictured with Mayor Hale and Candy TippettsThe Midvale Youth Ambassador program is a service-based leadership scholarship program for young adults. The program rewards students for their academic achievements, leadership abilities, community involvement and peer inspiration. As part of their service, each ambassador selects a community project that impacts Midvale City. On August 8, the following 2018 Youth Ambassadors were inducted to serve as representatives of Midvale City for a full year. 

Morgan Miller’s service project Keeping Youth in the Community Active focuses on the importance of children and teens getting daily physical activity. Getting the right amount of exercise shouldn’t have to be a chore for children, which is why she plans on teaching youth fun ways to keep themselves healthy.

Amelia Slama-Catron’s project, Healthy Choices, Healthy Eating, addresses the importance of learning how to eat right from a young age is essential. Amelia will host a booth at the Midvale Health Fair regarding how to balance necessary foods with fast foods, how to make fast, simple and healthy snacks among other general information.

Kosha Hansen project focuses on Setting Goals for the Future.  This will include educational goals (such as reading outside of school, homework skills, etc.), healthy living goals (eating right, clean surroundings, etc.) and physical activity (daily exercise, sports, etc.) Kosha will help each child create a goal chart and follow-up throughout the year in following how each is achieving their goals.

The Youth Ambassador program would not be successful without a dedicated leader! Candy Tippetts has mentored Midvale’s Youth Ambassador for more than 13 years. Over the years, Candy has empowered young men and women to achieve their goals and make a difference in their community! We are very grateful to Candy who volunteers countless hours to the Youth Ambassador program.