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Midvale Community Council

Post Date:02/12/2018 3:32 PM


My name is Andrew Stoddard, and I was just elected as the chair of the Midvale Community Council for this coming year. I am really excited to be in this position, and am thrilled for the great things the Community Council is going to accomplish this coming year! The Community Council is an organization where people gather to discuss things that are going on in the city, from development to city events and everything in between. At our meetings, we have representatives from different departments of the city that give us updates from their departments. The Mayor, the city manager, the police chief and two City Council members attended the last meeting and talked to the Council. It really is a great way to get involved in the city. Also, in the past, the Council has participated in service opportunities and helped with city events. The Council also has a presence at City Council meetings and is active in voicing the residents’ opinions to the City Council. The Community Council meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7 PM at City Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings. If you are interested in participating in the Council, please email me at and I can get you the information you need. The Council also has a Facebook page at if you want to see what we are doing. We are looking to add more members from every area of the city, so we would love to have you come join at our next meeting on February 7 at 7:00 p.m