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Sewer Backed Up?

Post Date:03/16/2017 10:34 AM

If a Sewer Backup Occurs

1. Take action to protect people & property

2. Call Midvale City 801-567-7235 (M- F, 7:00am-

4:30pm} or 801-567-7200 (Afterhours, weekends, holidays}

3. The city will check the sewer main & any blockages will be promptly cleared

4. If the main line is not blocked, call a plumbing or sewer contractor to check your lateral line

5. Clean up the backup as soon as possible to minimize damage & negative health effects

Preventing Backups

Taking notice of what is flushed down toilets and sinks can prevent most backups. DO NOT flush the following materials (or similar items) down

-Large quantities of toilet paper

-Paper Towels

-Feminine Products

-Disposable diapers

-Clothing, socks, underwear, etc.

-Flushable wipes (NOT flushable)

-Band aids

-Grease, fats, oils

-Sand, or dirt


-Sponges or scouring pads


Many homeowner’s insurance policies exclude sewer backups but this coverage often can be added. You should contact your insurance agent for further details.

Call 801-567-7235 with any questions or concerns.



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